Screening and definition of assignment
Our Quick Check.

We identify the risks and potentials in your company and create a feasible action plan (rightsizing, rehabilitation or turnaround strategies) that will make your company competitive and profitable again.

Volume of the assignment:

  1. You will be the one to implement all actions with your staff; our expert know-how is available to you on demand.
  2. Individual components of the concept are implemented in joint projects.
  3. We help you to implement the complete action plan and we can fill the positions in your company required for its progress at short notice.

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Process optimisation and restructuring
All actions are adjusted continually during the process to reflect its progress.

We optimise processes, make use of markets and products and increase profitability (as opposed to a mere reduction of (personnel) costs). Our goal is to lower the consumption of resources instead of increasing the working hours of your staff.

We can be temporary managers as well as experts on demand for short term requirements – be they resource bottlenecks, key positions that must be temporarily filled, pending projects that you cannot handle alone, or other critical issues.

Continuation during insolvency proceedings and financial recovery
We operate the company during insolvency proceedings

or in the preparation of the insolvency plan and support the company to achieve the turnaround. We successfully operate on behalf of liquidator or creditors to manage the specific challenges of any insolvency (sickness absence rates, opposition to the implementation of new specifications, guaranteed supply chains under adverse circumstances). We bring all of our experience and contacts to find investors and to ensure full communication with everyone involved (companies, liquidators, lenders and other creditors).

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This is how we deal with your issues …
You – explain the situation and your entrepreneurial objectives. Experience tells us that it is possible to be both affected and involved, which received oneself to the shortcomings of one‘s own company. This is neither unusual nor is it a big issue – it is often inevitable.

We – adopt a neutral position and analyze the situation.
We present our results to you and discuss them with you until we reach a common understanding of the situation. Afterwards we suggest a problem solving strategy, which may consist of a single action or a sequence of actions. You will have one business partner for everything – we are your professional partner in all business areas.
You will have one business partner for everything – we are your professional partner in all business areas.

Change management and leadership
Many executives still believe that they only need to “instruct” to achieve change.

Scientific research has shown that observable performance and motivation of staff can be strongly influenced by attentive management and by its participation in the attainment of company goals. Changes under working conditions have a significantly smaller effect.

Experience from our rightsizing projects has shown us how important these considerations are in the face of such dramatic changes. Sickness absence rates or top performers leaving the company are only two critical issues out of many that cost a company money and resources – which are usually scarce in times of crisis.

Hands-on training for executives and experts. 

We provide hands-on coaching and qualification for executives and experts who want to see the restructuring processes through in a professional way. Our sessions focus on specific managerial know-how as well as on personal communication skills.Our sessions focus on specific managerial know-how as well as on personal communication skills.

All training sessions are practical and goal-oriented – just as our team is. Their contents are the result of more than 15 years of expertise which we have summed up for you. We offer tailormade  approaches and all our experts are field-experienced.

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