We are neither consultants nor providers 
// we do not – explain to you how it should work and leave you alone to implement the changes …

We implement and manage – we run companies
// we do – conduct a situation analysis and plan the future together with you, we take responsibility from the very first moment.


Raison d‘être of our company

sy.con GmbH

The goals of sy.con GmbH are to develop and promote German and European businesses with the purpose of maintaining and improving their ability to compete in the international market.

Our focus lies on a concept of sustainable competitiveness and on the workplaces of these companies. We always operate in compliance with the law and treat everyone with respect.

sy.con GmbH focusses on manufacturing companies with a workforce of 50 to 2,000 employees.

Management Team

Team members at sy.con GmbH are always cooperative, friendly and respectful, be it within the company or outside.

Management Team


our focus

Process optimisation and turnaround

We do not give instructions to you or your colleagues. We analyze the situation together with you and your staff and find solutions that suit your company. We review the process during each step of the implementation and adjust wherever they are necessary.

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Continuation during insolvency proceedings

Our specialized knowledge and experience of many years in this field allow us to support the receivership, operate the companies and function as an interface between receivership, customers, workers’ council and staff.

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You want to ...


Your company

restructure …
improve …
enlarge …
reduce …

establish // move // customize // … – a location

introduce // relocate // start production of // solve quality issues for // … – your products

adjust // reduce //  increase ROI // … – costs

handle vacancy gaps // deal with temporary capacity increases // … – in special situations

We analyze the current situation ...

… in a neutral and objective way, develop a plan with all key audiences and put it into action after your approval.

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Our actions – are always transparent, documented, open and honest

Our advantages – we have neither a history nor a future in your company, which means that we have only your interests in mind and not our own.


How we work …

We see  companies as living organisms that are continually subject to change due to outside influences – whether they welcome these changes or not.

We support  – change by optimisation and structuring of company procedures and an ongoing organisational development together with all involved parties.

We motivate – the staff with defined objectives that lead to success.


We standardise – procedures and structures in all companies we work with.

We see – that despite cost pressure and the day-to-day routines there can be new room for creativity, for a team who understands the new structures, supports them and pursues them in an independent and sustainable way.